Final Year Students of OLHCS Return to School.

Our lives in Our Lady of Holy Cross School, like all other schools in Ghana, came to a sudden halt in March 2020 when Nana Akufo Addo, President of the Republic of Ghana, announced the suspension of academic calendar and the closure of schools due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Since then, the school has been engaging pupils from nursery to JHS 3 through the generosity and creativity of our hardworking staff using different e-learning platforms.
At the initial stages, the abrupt shift in our normal routine brought about some challenges to both learners and teachers as some parents had difficulty providing their wards with the needed assistance to enable them to access the information given by teachers on the platforms. However, after some time a lot of progress was made.
When the President announced in June that all students needing to take exit examinations should return to school to prepare for and take their exams and graduation, Our Lady of Holy Cross School also responded accordingly. The School Management Committee met and discussed ways of providing a safe and conducive environment for staff and students. After that, the parents of the JHS 3 pupils were invited to also share their thoughts and opinions on the issue.

  The parents expressed satisfaction with the health protocols which had been put in place by the school.An orientation was organized for the teaching and non-teaching staff to help them understand the importance of observing social distancing and maintaining good personal hygiene. On arrival to school, the students were given orientation on all the Corona virus safety and prevention protocols by health professionals from Ghana Health Service.  




  To ensure social distancing, the final year class of 54 pupils have been divided into 4 classes of 13 and 14 pupils. Their sleeping arrangement in the boarding facility has also been modified. A COVID 19 Rapid Response Team has been set up to handle any suspected case that may come up. The team has since received training on appropriate ways of responding to any suspected case. Students and staff are required to have their temperature taken at the beginning and at the end of each day.  
The wearing of face masks, washing of hands regularly and use the hand sanitizer as often as possible has become mandatory. To boost the immune system of students, the school is providing them with daily vitamin C supplements, variety of fruits and increased protein portions at all meals. So far, our students are doing very well and feel less pressured and have ample time to study and confidently prepare for their exams. The preparation period is 11 weeks and then they will write their exams on the 12th week. As they spend their final weeks as students of OLHCS, we hope
they continue to learn to be daring and develop the resilience and maturity to pick themselves up and move with poise. Our students are more prepared for challenges and have proven through this experience that they can handle adversities.
  We are grateful to all our benefactors for their continuous support especially in these difficult times. We are also grateful to the parents of our students especially the parents of the final year students for the trust they have reposed in the school over the years and even now and for their collaboration in keeping their children safe under the care of the school. Last but certainly not the least, we continue to remain indebted to you, our abled and hardworking staff for all the sacrifices you make, the risks you are exposed to at this time and for your generosity anytime you are called upon to make adjustments and even more sacrifices. Without you we can never achieve our goal and fulfill the mission of the School. May the Lord continue to watch over all of us and see us through these trying times.