In the preschool, the daily schedule is planned within integrated day of the open classroom approach to learning; a creative day that has minimum timetabling. In the primary section, there is a timetable detailing various activity times.
Specifically, the activities include lessons in basic numeracy and computation, language and literacy, art and creativity, Religious and Moral Education, Information Communication and Technology, music, sporting activities, and excursion.

The daily schedule provides opportunity in a planned learning environment for the spiritual, social, emotional, physical, intellectual, and aesthetic growth of the child at his/her own rate of development.




The curriculum at OLHCS is pupil centered. The learning experiences at OLHCS are developed to meet the interests and needs of the pupils. The daily programme will consist of the following areas of the curriculum: physical development, play, music, social skills, mathematics concepts, health, science and discovery, free choice activities, art, cooking, and language development.



Faith development based on Catholic teachings will be an integral part of the curriculum. Holy Mass will be offered periodically in the school for all staff and pupils. daily schedule will be posted in each classroom.